Prose Custom Hair Care – Review

There are two things about me that are absolutely true: I am a sucker for social media ads and I have a finicky scalp that has a tendency to throw a fit on a routine basis. Also, I have fine, weed straight, hair and am post-menopause, just so you know what I’m working with.

I have tried so many drug store brands, high-end salon brands, and brands that come to me through social media ads. At some point, you’d think I would just give up and live with acne breakouts on my scalp and settle in with something cheap. After all, no one can see, only I know the break-outs are there.

But I persevere and continue my hunt for a system my scalp will accept and like. And that will possibly not have me look like an unwashed hippie after 23 hours.

I have succeeded!

Last October (2020) I clicky-clicked on a Prose ad on Facebook. No, that’s a lie, I didn’t. I don’t click on Facebook ads. I Google companies from the ads and go into their site directly. I’m just funny that way. I like the Prose website. It’s fresh and modern with lots of images and moves well. I went through the Q&A, longer than any I had answered before, and was presented with the options Prose selected based on my responses.

I was offered a shampoo, a spray-on detangler/conditioner for after, a weekly scalp mask, and a biweekly hair mask. There was also offered a dry shampoo and an oil to use on the ends as needed.

For this trial I opted for the first four. I also got to choose the scent I wanted. Based on the the description, I chose one that turned out to be a more strong scent than I liked and I ended up buying another set in a milder scent. I would suggest to the people of Prose to offer a set of sample scents to send out so the customer can better choose. I will use the stronger scent eventually, probably this summer because waste not want not.

Anyway. After getting the second set of shampoo and spray detangler that smelled more mild, I started using the product. The first month my hair felt like straw after shampooing and had to use the spray detangler/conditioner. Heavily. Since this was the beginning of my adventure I was shampooing daily, like always.

During the second month I began to notice that my hair felt less and less like straw and more and more…normal. By the end of the third month of use I was no longer using the the spray. And as I was going longer between cleansings I was finding my scalp wasn’t franticly producing oil to counter the over washing. I could go three days before I started looking a bit grungy.

When I ordered the softer scented shampoo and spray I also bought the dry shampoo. My niece explained to me how to use it. How you “powder” your roots before going to bed and then brush it out in the morning. Amazing! Where has this been all my life? I will go up to seven days between. Basically, if I don’t like how it feels to me, that’s when I shampoo. Even at day seven it looked great, it just felt heavy to me. As someone with fine, straight hair, anything that isn’t like silk feels dirty and was something I had to get used to as not actually being dirty just…textured.

This is late June 2021 and I’ve been using Prose a solid seven months. Today I (finally) went in for a cut from my stylist. I’ve been using Crystal since 2011 and she knows my hair well. She knows it lengthens considerably when it’s wet and either cuts it dry or compensates so it’s not too short. She knows it doesn’t like razor cuts and will fuzz on then ends. She knows I have a mega swoopy cowlick. I love consistency and that we have built this relationship by going to her for so long. So when Crystal says my hair looks and feels great, that it looks and feels thicker, that it looks and feels like it has more body–I believe her.

When I was telling her about how my hair felt like straw the first month, she immediately said “that’s because it was stripping and rebalancing”.

When I was complaining about all those annoying baby hairs that tickle my face, she immediately said “see, I told you it was thicker, the Prose is encouraging new growth!”

I hadn’t realized that’s what the straw feeling was. Duh. But I’m not a pro so it’s forgivable.

I hadn’t realized that the more-than-usual baby hairs weren’t just my normal cycle of regrowth but actually new growth from follicles that had just given up. My hair grows super fast so I’m used to having some baby hair sticking up, but lately, it’s been crazy with the amount. They stand straight up until they’re about four inches long, like a really weird halo. And when it’s breezy they poke me in the face, which drives me crazy. I’m crack for mosquitos so I tend to be paranoid about those light touches and think it’s a bloodsucker.

I love this stuff so much more now than I did three hours ago. I love this stuff so much I ordered fresh bottles halfway through the first ones (softer scent) so I could put them in our camper instead of using grocery store shampoo while camping. I love this stuff so much because of going longer between shampoos, I use less product and make it worth the expense! I think I might actually use only one bottle a year. And I have medium to long hair, depending on how long I procrastinate about going to the salon.

I highly recommend friends to try this product.