Guinness Beef Stew nomnomnom

Woot! We cooked a meal instead of foraging for random anythings to get through the night. AND it is finally cool enough for soups and stew. I love a good soup. So much so, it’s a relief for Spring to arrive and with it grilling season¬†because we’ll be souped out by then.

This evening I threw together this yummy batch of goodness from off the top of my head and it turned out delicious. This does not always happen. Using the dark beer instead of my usual red wine to deglaze the pan was a delightful alteration that brought a new dimension to the flavor. Also, I just chose herbs based on their scent. Standing next to the pot with it bubbling away really helped my nose pick the right combination of flavors.

I keep my recipes on Big Oven, but their “share” button doesn’t go anywhere but Pinterest or email. So here’s my Pinterest link!

Give it a try and tell me what you think. I’d love to hear of alterations to the recipe.¬†